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A Better Trucking Newsletter.

Let's talk about something other than Class 8 Sales.

We love a good newsletter than makes us smile, makes us think, and has something different from the industry headlines we see all the time.

So we're making one! We haven't yet sent the first issue, but if you want to get it sign up on this page.

Q & A:

What will be in the newsletter?
We're not sure yet, but we'll try to avoid the latest truck sales numbers and business news unless there's something special about it.
When is the first issue coming out?
When it's ready. Hopefully soon.
How often will you send the newsletter?
This is to-be-determined, and we will probably experiment a bit. It won't be more than once per week, and will probably be every two weeks, or maybe even sporatic when we have enough material to make it worth your time.
Are you going to push your products or tons of advertising on me?
That is not the goal of the newsletter. We will probably mention our products if we have something great to say, and we may have sponsorships or advertising, but the goal of the newsletter is to make something you're delighted to read, not schill products or services you may not want.

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